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Up Next: Farmhouse Style and Finances

Hey guys! I haven’t posted in what feels like a month, and just want to let ya’ll know I’m still here. Lately I’ve been busy with work, looking for a career (something in HR), hanging with my dogs and fiancee, and planning a wedding reception. But I’ve also been working on my future blog posts, which aren’t quite there yet.

Farmhouse Style 


In the next few blog posts, Everything Southbound will include a post to do with adding farmhouse style to your home. My plan is to have a series of posts about farmhouse style. Something similar to my posts, “The Ultimate Guide to moving out for the first time: Part 1 and Part 2,” is what I had in mind. If you haven’t already, check them out at the links above.



I’ve also been working on posts about personal finances, specifically on how to save money- both, general tips, as well as compiling a list of money saving apps. Both will be coming soon, so stay tuned and be sure to follow me, so you can be notified as soon as their posted.

What would ya’ll prefer, farmhouse style or finances?

Leave your answer in the comments.

Thanks guys


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